Kubica admits he is still struggling with Williams

15-05-2019 15:27
by Jake Williams-Smith
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Kubica admits he is still struggling with Williams

Robert Kubica has admitted that he is still struggling with the Williams FW42. The Pole has been outpaced by teammate George Russell for much of the season and the Spanish Grand Prix was no exception.

Speaking after the race, Kubica admitted that a late safety car had been fortuitous for the team in terms of strategy but admitted he had struggled to battle his teammate earlier in the afternoon.

"I started quite well but was squeezed a bit between both Racing Points, so I had to lift off in the middle of the straight and lost quite a lot of ground there," he said.

"I then lost a position to George but regained it in turn four. My first stint wasn’t looking too bad but, before he overtook me, I got called to change a few things on the steering wheel and I wasn’t expecting him to be so close.

"I wasn’t practically ready to defend and by the time I saw him in the mirror, it was too late. We changed the strategy during the race and I think it was good the Safety Car came out as it actually split our second stint, otherwise it would have been very difficult for us to manage the tyres until the end."

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