Ferrari against standardised parts in Formula 1

15-05-2019 13:25 | Updated: 15-05-2019 13:34
by Jake Williams-Smith
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Ferrari against standardised parts in Formula 1

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto says Ferrari is against the idea of standardised parts in Formula 1.

Liberty Media and the FIA has acknowledged that costs of joining and competing in F1 have climbed far too high for new teams to join the series and be competitive.

The idea of standardised parts, such as brakes and gearboxes has been spoken about however the Ferrari team boss has reaffirmed the Italian team's position against the directive.

"As Ferrari, we always relay that we are against the standardisation principle," Binotto said.

"But we know as well that we need to control the costs and expenses - and obviously there is a budget cap so we need to find the right balance.

"Standardisation only makes sense if you may save money, which has to be proved first, and we need to take care of the DNA of F1 as well.

"For example, if we take the rims, all the cars with exactly the same rims - I think that, in terms of aesthetics, is not good for F1 from the outside, because you're not differentiating any more the cars from one car to the other, maybe just the paint.

"We are going through an entire process, together with the FIA tenders. I think first we should look at the result of the tenders and then to a proper evaluation and make it carefully."

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