Teams tyre selection for the Monaco Grand Prix

14-05-2019 18:03
by Louis Shaw
F1 News
Teams tyre selection for the Monaco Grand Prix

Teams have chosen how many sets of each tyre they want for the Monaco Grand Prix. Ferrari and Red Bull have selected more sets of the soft C5 tyre than Mercedes which could suggest something about the strategy of the differing teams. For the race weekend, Pirelli has offered their softest three compounds with C3 being the hard tyre, C4 the Medium and C5 the softest. 

At the Monaco Grand Prix, tyre choice is vital as you need the grip of the soft tyre to help get through the corners. It will be interesting to see if tyre management plays an important part of the race as overtaking is notoriously difficult leading to the strategy being as important as ever. 

Here is a breakdown of what tyres each driver has chosen for the weekend: 

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