How did the Italian press react to the Ferrari disaster in Spain?

13-05-2019 13:02
by Matt Gretton
How did the Italian press react to the Ferrari disaster in Spain?

"Stepping on their own tails" was the phrase Martin Brundle used to describe Ferrari's Spanish Grand Prix. But the Italian media, who are always critical of Ferrari, responded with much more dissatisfaction and frustration with the performance.

"Ferrari is getting worse!" That was the Italian newspaper headline in the Corriere dello Sport this morning. Their views get worse. “What is the problem at Ferrari? If there was only one problem, the problem is that at Ferrari is overflowing with problems at the moment."

“The car is not good when entering the bend or when it comes out of the bend. The last sector was dramatic for the car and one can actually already say: ciao, we will see each other again in 2020!"

The Gazzetta dello Sport also had negative views and had major digs at Ferrari. “The Ferrari season was well summarized in the race by Vettel. His race translated the Ferrari season perfectly: it is hopeless. At Ferrari, they tried everything on a tactical level, just like they try everything this season, but it all comes from hopelessness."

Max Verstappen and Red Bull managed to split the Ferrari cars on Saturday, but his work on Sunday meant he finished ahead of both Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc.

The Italian media dished out their praise for Verstappen. “He is the one who makes the car perform better than is possible. He managed to defeat Leclerc and Vettel like a true falcon and, as always, was the great master of handling the tires. Verstappen has left the mistakes behind and only thanks to him can a driver with a Honda engine be third in the championship."

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