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Toto Wolff opens up on the rumours of him taking control of F1

Toto Wolff opens up on the rumours of him taking control of F1

12-05-2019 08:58

Toto Wolff was asked some tricky questions about the sport after yesterday's qualifying session and whether he saw himself taking the helm of Formula 1 or Liberty Media. The Mercedes boss seems happy at Mercedes but did not deny any ambitions about taking over from Ross Brawn in a few years time. 

When asked if Mercedes' domination was good for the sport Wolff said to Motorsport.com, "It is difficult for me to answer this question. I can say that everyone who works at Mercedes pushes a lot, and that is what makes us better every single day. 

"We cannot work and then ask ourselves if it is good or not for Formula 1, there is not much we can do in this sense, we love our work and ... that is all. "

Questions then turned to the Mercedes bosses future with journalists hinting at the rumors that Wolff could be in line for a big job in 2020. 

"I heard the speculations and I repeat that I don't have a 'normal' role in Mercedes. I am in a very special position, I am a shareholder in the team, I love being in this group and relationships are very important to me. 

"I am happy to be where I am, and I am every day. Furthermore, I still have a few years guaranteed in my contract. However, I have not anticipated any change beyond 2020.”

It seems that for the time being Wolff is set to stay at Mercedes but who knows what will happen in the future. 

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