Zak Brown gives Andreas Seidl free rein at McLaren

11-05-2019 12:05 | Updated: 11-05-2019 13:40
by Matt Gretton
Zak Brown gives Andreas Seidl free rein at McLaren

Andreas Seidl gets his McLaren Formula 1 career underway this weekend at the Spanish Grand Prix, and CEO Zak Brown is giving him free rein. The American is confident it won't cause conflict within the team.

Brown appointed Seidl back in January, but with other commitments, he hasn't been able to be on the McLaren pit-wall until now. Despite the delay, Brown his giving his new man free rein straight away.

“I think it’s his racing team to run. He’s a consultative team member type of individual. He’s got free rein to do what he wants. He’s got 100 percent of my support in that," Brown said on Crash.

“But he is the type of individual who is going to consult and brainstorm and work with his team, not just do things and find out about it the next morning.”

The appointment might take some pressure off Brown on race days. It should allow him more time to focus on the business side of McLaren.

Since Brown has been in charge, he's been desperate to ensure the team have the right management system. With plenty of new members surrounding Brown, he's confident everyone is in place.

"My job is a much broader remit to run the business, grow the business, so nothing really changes for me. I’m just happy that between Andreas, James Key, the promotions we’ve made, the other people we’ve brought in, that I now feel from a personnel standpoint we’ve got our team in place," Brown added.

“I’m sure Andreas, once he gets stuck into it, will make his mark if you like. I’m really pleased with the team we have on the field.”

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