Liberty Media: F1 TV may need another year to fix bugs

09-05-2019 19:15
by Bobby Vincent
Liberty Media: F1 TV may need another year to fix bugs

Formula 1 CEO Chase Carey has revealed that F1 TV may need another year to iron out any "unexpected" bugs.

Over The Table is seen as a huge source of future revenue by Liberty, with the F1 fans purchasing the right to stream the competition.

Although, in Baku, many of the fans have received refunds due to the access to the streaming service being extremely limited - after F1 TV was relaunched this season after hitting some issues last year.

"The issue that arose in Azerbaijan really was unexpected," Carey said in a call with financial analysts. "That's the nature of these platforms - I think you have to deal with it. And to some degree the unexpected is obviously always troubling.

"The unexpected will occur occasionally, but I think we felt we'd made pretty good headway. We're not far enough to say there won't be another problem. But the problems before that had been probably quite manageable.

"These things aren't perfect, and it will probably take us another year to get all the small bugs out of it. But the significant glitch that we had there was something outside the core of what we've been building in the platform.

"We need to make sure that we're looking at it in the wider context, but I think the core of what we expected to be the platform is, we feel, functioning pretty well. Not perfect, but pretty well."

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