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Hamilton frustrated whenever he's not at the top

Hamilton "frustrated" whenever he's not at the top

06-05-2019 14:00 Last update: 15:22
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Bobby Vincent

Lewis Hamilton has revealed how frustrated he gets every time he isn't victorious in a grand prix, most recently losing out to his team-mate Valtteri Bottas in Baku.

Bottas recorded pole position in Azerbaijan and a flawless performance from the Finn saw him reach the checkered flag with relatable ease.

Hamilton has been crowned the world champion a remarkable five times now, and the constant need for improvement with the British driver is something that sets him apart from the others.

"On the one hand, I am really happy for the team and incredibly proud of everyone," Hamilton said following his team-mate's victory in Azerbaijan. "We did not know where we stood compared to the rest in Baku and have really done it here, in what the fourth race this season is. We work as hard as we can, try to get the most out of the weekend and that works out so far.

"You know how I am, I never want to finish second. But one time you win and the other time you lose. There were a few moments that suggested opportunities to win, to have been faster, but I don't have it perfectly done in all areas where I should have done it, I don't take it easy and lightly."

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