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Alexander Albon says it was an easy decision to turn down Formula E

Alexander Albon says it was "an easy decision to turn" down Formula E

05-05-2019 08:06

Alexander Albon has said that it was "an easy decision" to leave Formula E after receiving an offer from Toro Rosso to race in Formula 1. The Thai driver raced in Formula 2 and has said that it was always his aim to drive in Formula 1 so when the opportunity came up he couldn't refuse it. 

“Coming from Formula E, making the transition, there is always a risk there,” Albon said to Crash.net. “But when I was six years old, whenever I thought about motorsport, Formula 1 is what any driver wants to do when they’re young.

“Of course even from Formula 2, the goal was always Formula 1. But as it looked less and less likely. That’s when I went to Formula E.

“So when I got the chance again, it was quite clear to me what I wanted to do. Of course there is less stability in Formula 1 probably, but still saying that in Formula E you still have to perform, you still have to deliver results.

“On my side, it was just no regrets. You don’t want to miss out on your one chance on Formula 1.

“So that was quite an easy decision."

Albon will hope that his decision to race in Formula 1 pays off and that he stays in the sport for the future.