Kubica: "My performance is better than the results show"

02-05-2019 11:02
by Matt Gretton
Kubica: My performance is better than the results show

Williams is performing well below their weight this season, and the two cars are parked at the back of the grid. Despite this, Robert Kubica is pleased with his own performances in 2019 as he completes his return to Formula 1.

Kubica admits it's hard for him to see his progress, but claims he can find positives within his own performance.

"It's not easy to see the progress. “There are many positive things, but they are overshadowed by the overall performance. My pace and driving style is better than the results show," Kubica told motorsport-total.com.

Kubica's only real competitor this season comes in the form of his teammate George Russell. The rookie has managed to beat Kubica in each of the four Grands Prix this season. But will Williams manage to close the gap before the end of the season? Kubica remains cautious.

"That is the situation now. It would be nice if we didn't struggle with even more problems that make driving even more difficult for us. We have to be on top of those problems and come up with solutions, but we haven't succeeded so far. First of all, we have to understand where the problems lie," Kubica added.

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