Wolff believes past tyre knowledge is not "relevant"

02-05-2019 09:25
by Bobby Vincent
Wolff believes past tyre knowledge is not relevant

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff believes the new thinner tyres introduced this season have taken away from what the teams learned last season about the previous tyres.

Pirelli introduced thinner-tread tyres for the races in Spain, France and Great Britain in 2018, to attempt to avoid blistering on the tyres.

Ferrari have been less aggressive with its tyre picks than Mercedes and have been struggling to get to grips with the new rubber.

"I think there's actually a wider operating window [with the 2019 tyres] but I think it's the usual learning slope. When you've had a tyre for a long time, all your data and all your simulations are based around a certain compound and a certain structure," Wolff said.

"Then suddenly the tread changes from one year to the other, all your learning is basically not so relevant anymore. It's also about adaptability, the team that learns quickest to understand the new circumstances."

So far this season, the current F1 champions have won all four of the races in Australia, Bahrain, China and Azerbaijan, with both of its drivers locking out the front row in all three.

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