Mark Webber believes Renault "have to deliver for Ricciardo"

30-04-2019 13:39 | Updated: 30-04-2019 14:37
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Mark Webber believes Renault have to deliver for Ricciardo

Former Formula 1 driver Mark Webber has highlighted the issues that Renault are having and believes that Daniel Ricciardo could be regretting his decision to join the team. The Aussie has looked uncomfortable at his new team and will hope that things start to improve soon. 

“As predicted, they’re a long way off, they’ve got a big job to do," Webber told Australian outlet Wide World of Sports.

“They’re a team under tremendous pressure already, because their performance doesn’t back up the chat. Renault were saying in the off-season they can challenge the top three, but they’re a long way from that.

“It’s been challenging, they’ve got some reliability issues as well, McLaren are belting them with the same engine, which is not good. McLaren are a long way down the road at the moment.”

When asked specifically about Daniel Ricciardos struggles with the team so far Webber said:

“Daniel’s season hasn’t really started, has it? Daniel hasn’t forgotten how to drive, but the form guide changes very quickly in this sport. A driver’s momentum and his career can be challenged.

“He’s valued, but clearly he’s not in a good position at the moment. That’s obvious. You need results, you need to be drinking the champagne on the podium.

“That’s what concerned me with this move, so let’s hope the team can lift for him and start getting results. Renault have to deliver for him.”

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