Lewis Hamilton says Ferrari will be "better on other tracks"

23-04-2019 12:14
by Louis Shaw
Lewis Hamilton says Ferrari will be better on other tracks

Lewis Hamilton doesn't know why Ferrari are not quicker but believes that they could come back stronger over the next few races. The Ferrari package is very fast in a straight line but they lose a lot of time through the corners. The Italian team could change their set up for the next few races to try and bridge the gap between Mercedes. 

"I'm not sure where they are losing time," Hamilton said to Formula Passion. "They gain something like 4 tenths in a straight line, then lose out in the corners. It will, therefore, be interesting to discover their strategy for the next races, there are still many circuits in which their car could obscure ours. 

"They have a shorter car than ours and this could work better on other tracks we are going on, but it is a little early to say." 

Before the season started many pundits believed that it was Ferrari who had the fastest car and the reigning World Champion agreed. 

"From the tests, we thought it would be a close battle. Putting the car in the right window would have given it an advantage, and this window is a couple of tenths, but we thought they were ahead. I'm not sure if they had a solid weekend yet, and it seemed to them that it was Sakhir's, where they seemed to fly."

Fans will hope that Ferrari starts to improve and make the championship more exciting. 

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