Russell believes Mercedes downforce isn’t the only difference

21-04-2019 18:50 | Updated: 22-04-2019 10:25
by Joseph Tyrrell
Russell believes Mercedes downforce isn’t the only difference

George Russell believes there are multiple issues holding his car back, highlighting the difference in downforce between his Williams and the Mercedes.

Russell joined Williams for the 2019 season but is part of the Mercedes driver academy, which allowed him to test for the Silver Arrows at the in-season test in Bahrain. The Brit impressed at the testing session, topping the leader board in the Mercedes W10 but as a result of the poor Williams, has lagged behind during the regular season.

Russell is in a good position to speak about each vehicle and he told Sky Sports F1 that the there are multiple issues holding them back.

"It was really helpful to get that opportunity again because I've learned so much and I know that's the goal we want to achieve," Russell said.

"Sure, Mercedes has more downforce than us, that's undeniable, but that's not the only difference.

“They have some things we do not have, and we would probably be faster with the current downforce level.

“But it was very interesting for me, because I've learned a lot that I think will help us move Williams forward."

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