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Toto Wolff says “We are not doing a Haas-Ferrari on Racing Point relationship

Toto Wolff says “We are not doing a Haas-Ferrari" on Racing Point relationship

18-04-2019 11:11 Last update: 11:28

Racing Point and Mercedes are set to establish a closer relationship. However, Toto Wolff has said that the relationship would never be as close as the one Ferrari and Haas have. Many have criticised the 'B-team' model that Formula 1 has adopted but it seems that this is the way the sport is going. 

“We are not doing a Haas-Ferrari model because Haas was a new entry, a team created from scratch,” Wolff said to Crash.net.These guys exist for a long time. I don’t see what’s so bad in a Haas-Ferrari model actually.

“We have enabled somebody that was keen to enter Formula 1 in setting up a team, with the cooperation with Ferrari it got out of the blocks really well and fights solidly in the midfield. I think that’s good for Formula 1.

“Our model is very different. For the reasons stated before, Andy [Green] and his team know pretty well what they want to achieve with the car, they have a solid technical group of people and will go in that direction.

They will be using some of our infrastructures and we will see where that moves for the 2021 regulations. Once these are carved out, we will decide which of the areas we want to collaborate and where it is possible, regulatory-wise.”

It will be interesting to see how close the relationship between the two teams will be. 

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