Formula E boss Alejandro Agaghe believes there could be cooperation with F1

F1 News

18 April 2019 at 09:46

There has been an ever-present tension between Formula 1 and Formula E with many racing fans enjoying both of the racing series. Bernie Ecclestone believes that in the future the two Formulas may be made to join forces. Formula E boss Alejandro Agaghe believes that the two are compatible and that in the future there could even be cooperation. 

“If the head decides and not the heart, I would choose Formula E,” Ecclestone told Blick newspaper. “There are many more opportunities for expansion and more commercial opportunities.”

However, Formula E boss Agaghe believes that the two will stay separate for the near future.“I think F1 has nothing to worry about Formula E,Formula E boss Alejandro Agaghe told “There will never be a clash between us, we are compatible. Maybe cooperation in the future, why not?”

“I’ve invited them, but so far there is no news on that side. I heard nothing from them, not even an interest.”

It will be interesting to see what happens in the future and if the two Formulas will ever merge.