Haas report struggle with putting heat in tyres

17-04-2019 17:22
by Matt Gretton
Haas report struggle with putting heat in tyres

Haas has scored eight points this season, a total which could have been much higher. During the Bahrain and Chinese Grands Prix, boss Gunther Steiner claims the team struggle to warm up tyres.

In Australia, on a lower speed track, Haas' Kevin Magnussen finished as best of the rest, with Romain Grosjean not far behind had he not retired.

It's the high-speed tracks which are causing the problem, and Steiner has asked his team to remove this issue before it causes them more bother.

“It's high-speed tracks with long straights and low-energy corners where we cannot get the heat into the tyres,” Steiner told Motorsport.

“In winter testing it was cold [but] in Barcelona you load the tyres a lot and you have the energy to put in, and it keeps the heat in and it's fine. In Australia we were fine, the temperature was higher, everything worked for us. But in Bahrain and here [in China] it just doesn't work.”

Having looked at the data, Steiner fails to find a single area which can provide a solution. Last year, Haas improved significantly in the second half of the season and managed to push Renault for fourth

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