Rumour: "Billionaire Mazepin in talks with Williams about an acquisition"

17-04-2019 16:01
by Matt Gretton
Rumour: Billionaire Mazepin in talks with Williams about an acquisition

Sources from Italy suggest that Russian entrepreneur Dmitry Mazepin has started talks with Williams Formula 1 team about a potential takeover. The Italian branch of Motorsport says Mazepin approached Williams a month ago and continued talks at the Chinese Grand Prix.

Mazepin is the father of Formula 2 driver Nikita Mazepin. At first glance, the Billionaire seemed interested in getting his son into Formula 1, similar to Lance and Lawerence Stroll. But the Motorsport report claims that the talks were aimed at a takeover.

The two Williams' cars are parked at the back of the grid again as a fundamental problem is making the British team uncompetitive.

Paddy Lowe left his position while Claire Williams is under pressure. Sir Patrick Head came in as a consultant earlier this season.

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