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Red Bull to close the gap in the near future with updates in the pipeline

Red Bull to close the gap in the "near future" with updates "in the pipeline"

15-04-2019 13:52

Christian Horner remains confident Red Bull and Honda have things "in the pipeline" that will help close the gap to Mercedes and Ferrari in the "near future".

It was another difficult race for Red Bull in China, but they did manage to finish ahead of Charles Leclerc and nick the fastest lap point from Sebastian Vettel. Horner, the team boss, insists the gap will be closed soon.

"The chassis has taken a big step forward," Horner said to Sky Sports.

"Honda has made progress on the straights. We still have that bit to find to the cars ahead but there is stuff in the pipeline that should help us in the near future."

Despite the negativity, Max Verstappen has picked up a podium this season. He is also the closest driver to the leading Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton in the drivers' championship.

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