Villeneuve believes that "Williams is no longer a racing team"

15-04-2019 09:36
by Louis Shaw
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Villeneuve believes that Williams is no longer a racing team

Jacques Vileneuve has claimed that Williams is "no longer a racing team" and instead believes that its primary focus is to try and make a profit. Willaims have obviously been struggling this season and it is hard to see how they will progress enough to be competitive with the rest of the field. 

When speaking about Williams Vileneuve said “its leaders are paying for the bad decisions made in recent years,to the Le Journal de Montreal.

He also said he believed that Williams is “no longer a racing team”.

“It’s a public entity that must report at the end of the year, and all they have to do is make a profit, which they have done. So they are fine,” the French Canadian added.

“But if the company made $16 million in 2018, it is because not enough was spent on the racing team. The president does not want to win in F1, he just wants to make sure he makes the most for the shareholders.

“That’s all that matters now,” Villeneuve alleged.

Williams will hope that they can improve and become more competitive throughout the season. 

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