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Vettel struggling to repeat good car feeling from pre-season testing

Vettel "struggling to repeat" good car feeling from pre-season testing

13-04-2019 12:14
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Jake Williams-Smith

Sebastian Vettel has admitted he is struggling to get his SF90 to feel like it did during winter testing. 

During the two week pre-season test, Ferrari looked comfortably faster than anyone else but Vettel says he has not rediscovered the feeling from the car he enjoyed so much.

While the Italian team continues to enjoy a big straight line speed advantage, the four-time champion finished three tenths behind pole sitter Valtteri Bottas in qualifying.

“We have a strong platform to work from, we started off well from Barcelona, the feeling was strong,” Vettel explained.

“Since then, [we’ve] struggled to repeat that. The past two races, we had little issues here and there. Bahrain didn’t go my way. Saturday, had a small problem. Sunday, struggled in the first stint. Here and there, I’m not happy.

“You try and drive around the problems and try to set up the car properly. Maybe some things related to tracks, which Barcelona doesn’t show, but the car is strong so it’s up to us to extract the performance.”

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