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Christian Horner sits comfortable: Red Bull are a long way ahead of the midfield

Christian Horner sits comfortable: Red Bull are "a long way ahead" of the midfield

09-04-2019 08:08

Christian Horner is convinced his Red Bull team is quick enough to avoid a midfield battle during the 2019 Formula 1 season. Max Verstappen has only just managed to beat them during qualifying, while Pierre Gasly has been down on pace. 

With a large percentage from Verstappen, the Austrian team has scored 31 points in two races, 21 more than their closest rivals Alfa Romeo. 

In terms of on-track performance,  Haas seemingly has closed the time gap, but Horner is certain they won't be dragged into a midfield battle because Red Bull are quick enough. 

"We're quite a long way ahead of the rest of the pack. Verstappen was 20, more than that, 30 or so seconds up the road from the fourth-placed team," Horner said in an interview with RaceFans. 

“I think in the race there’s still a gap there but for sure it has ‘concertina-ed’." 

“You tend to see that sometimes with regulation changes like we’ve had. I think front wings and tyres have definitely brought the pack closer together. I think for Formula 1 that’s a good thing. [Bahrain] was an exciting race not just to be in but hopefully for the fans as well.”

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