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Drivers speak out about Charlie Whiting's replacement

Drivers speak out about Charlie Whiting's replacement

08-04-2019 16:04

Two Grands Prix has been completed since the sudden passing of Charlie Whiting in Australia. The Formula 1 world has pulled together and the drivers praise the work carried out by his replacement but admit it's just not the same without Whiting.

Michael Masi took over as race director who wasn't really known to the drivers before Australia. Max Verstappen is one driver who has noticed a difference, but he is still pleased with the work carried out.

"It's not an easy task, we'll only gradually find out where the differences are greatest, and everyone knows what he's doing at the track," said the Dutchman in an interview with motorsport-total.com.

"But in the end, the race director has a note from which he reads aloud, and questions remain questions."

Romain Grosjean also spoke about how he misses Whiting's presence on a race weekend. The drivers' meetings are still tricky to work through.

"To go into the room and then Charlie is not there, that's a strange feeling. He [Masi] just said [in Australia], 'Does anyone have anything to say?' No, no one, and then we went out again."

Lewis Hamilton said he's hoping for a "smooth transition". The Brit had a strong relationship with Whiting and believes Masi shadowed Whiting at previous races.

"I do not really know this guy, so it will take time for us to get to know each other better. He was already in races, so far as I know, so he's not new, he's been following Charlie's [work] in the past, so that should be a pretty smooth transition," Hamilton added.

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