Daniel Ricciardo admits he is having a "challenging" time at Renault

07-04-2019 09:30
by Louis Shaw
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Daniel Ricciardo admits he is having a challenging time at Renault

Daniel Ricciardo has admitted that it is going to take more time than he thought to get a good performance out of his new Renault. The Aussie has not finished both races so far this season and will hope to turn things around in China next weekend. It was always going to be a step down going from Red Bull to Renault but it seems like the gap is a lot bigger than Ricciardo thought. 

“I knew it would take time, but in my heart, I just expected to jump in the car first lap be like sweet, we are going to be good,” he told Motorsport Week.

“So coming from a step back as far as grip and handling, it is no secret that we are not on the pace of the car I had last year.

“So that is something I need to figure out again.

Ricciardo went on to explain how he saw the situation. 

“In Charles [Leclerc’s] situation coming up to his [Ferrari] seat this year, it is a bit like me when I came from Toro Rosso to Red Bull.

“Everything becomes easier, you have more grip, and it is like ‘oh wow the car can do this’?

“So it is a bit of patience and discipline for me, but that is cool. It is challenging in itself to learn that and figure it out, in a way that is exciting so that is cool.”

It seems that Ricciardo has underestimated the step down to a midfield team but will hope that over the years this move pays off and Renault become competitive once again. 

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