Multitasking Binotto: "Technical side the most important"

24-03-2019 12:46
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
Multitasking Binotto: Technical side the most important

Mattia Binotto, who is both the technical director and the team principal at Ferrari, has stated that the technical side of the team still has the priority for him, as performance is more important than anything else.

Since Binotto's promotion to being technical director a few years back, Ferrari have made significant steps in closing the gap to Mercedes in front of them. It was even being reported that last year, the Scuderia had the stronger package out of the two teams.

However, Binotto was clashing with then-team principal Maurizio Arrivabene. Ferrari started to be divided into two camps because of it, until Ferrari opted to axe Arrivabene. Binotto was now both team principal ánd technical director. Still, in an interview with AShe explained that his priorities remain on the technical side of things.

"The technical aspects remain the most important part within the team," the Swiss-Italian explained.

"The car has to be as quick as possible, the rest will follow. My focus still lies on being technical director.

"You have to focus on the things you're working on and yes, I got more things on my plate now. But the highest priority still lies with the technical side of Ferrari."

It honestly is quite brave of Binotto to think like that. Ferrari, more than any other team, is about politics and public perception. To focus on the technical side of things is brave, but also understandable.

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