Wolff positive for 2021 regulations meeting in London

24-03-2019 09:30
by Bobby Vincent
Wolff positive for 2021 regulations meeting in London

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is upbeat when talking about Formula 1's decision to move the meeting between F1's representatives regarding the 2021 regulation plans, to next week.

Formula 1's Commission and the Strategy Group will meet on Tuesday in London, with F1 CEO Chase Carey set to confirm the 2021 package - which will finally give team bosses an idea about the future of the competition.

Numerous team bosses have come out and said they need clarity over the regulation changes - with a few threatening to leave; such as Christian Horner of Red Bull Racing.

"I feel that there's some momentum in the process, and we are all keen on understanding how 2021 looks," Wolff explained. 

The idea of an introduction to a budget-cap in F1 initially took Mercedes by surprise, but Wolff explained that the Silver Arrows would be up for it - if it was in every team's best interest.

"Mercedes certainly is interested in having a cost-cap implemented, at the right levels, so it makes sense for everybody," the German manufacturer's boss added. "Get the big teams on board in a way that is implementable.

"And the small teams to kind of at least cap us, and make sure that we're not running away with even higher costs every year. And regulations are obviously another big building block, this is important to get over the line until June.

"So, let's see how next week goes, but what I hear is making me optimistic."

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