Pirelli reveals tyre selection for Bahrain Grand Prix

19-03-2019 16:15
by Jake Williams-Smith
Pirelli reveals tyre selection for Bahrain Grand Prix

Ahead of the second race of the 2019 season, Pirelli has released the tyre selections for the Bahrain Grand Prix.

The available compounds this weekend will range from C1 to C3 going from hardest to softest. C1 will be marked with white, C2 mediums in yellow and the C3 soft tyres marked in red.

Once again, Mercedes and Ferrari match each other exactly on complete allocations, with all four drivers selecting one hard set, three medium sets and nine soft sets of tyres.

Max Verstappen matches the aforementioned allocation at Red Bull whilst teammate Pierre Gasly bucks the trend to take an extra set of the hard compound tyres in place of a set of C3 soft tyres.

Elsewhere, Renault and Toro Rosso have gone the most extreme route with ten sets of the soft compound tyres for both of the teams' drivers.

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