Lance Stroll talks about the 'wheel to wheel' racing in the midfield

19-03-2019 14:37
by Louis Shaw
Lance Stroll talks about the 'wheel to wheel' racing in the midfield

Lance Stroll had a relatively successful start to his time as a Racing Point driver. Having moved from Williams the Canadian driver finished 9th, picking up two points. Stroll hopes to work his way further up the rankings but is happy with where he has started. 

“It was a great race, a good start and I picked up a few points,” the Racing Point driver told the official F1 website.

“We had great pace throughout the whole race. It was about managing tyres at a certain part of the race and then pushing on when we wanted to attack the cars in front, which made it very challenging."

“It was wheel-to-wheel. One-time Kvyat went down the inside, he went a bit deep and I got him on the exit. It was proper wheel-to-wheel racing.”

“It was tight,” he said. “There was not a lap where I was not pressuring someone in front of me or not under pressure.

“It was a race from start to finish and I hope we can see more of that this season.

“It looks like potentially the racing could be closer, I think the aerodynamics are working a bit better behind cars.”

Stroll will be glad that he moved teams, as Williams are struggling again this season, but will hope that he can achieve better results in Bahrain. 

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