Former F1 champ expects Alonso 2020 return

19-03-2019 10:46
by Adam Newton
Former F1 champ expects Alonso 2020 return

Fernando Alonso supposedly retired at the end of last year, but there has been talk ever since his announcement during 2018’s summer break that if the right deal came about, he would return to the sport.

And now Emerson Fittipaldi has backed his fellow two-time F1 World Champion to return in 2020.

Alonso is racing in the WEC this year, as well as having a second go at the Indy 500 and former McLaren driver Fittipaldi believes he could be on his way back.

Fittipaldi said: "We all thought it was the Honda engine [in 2015-2017] but it was the same with the Renault [last year]. In any case, I think he will be back to F1 within a year.

"I see him physically very well and mentally very motivated to win, so why not come back? If he has a car and a good team to win, he will surely come back."

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