Norris: "Today isn't a one-off"

16-03-2019 07:44
by Adam Newton
Norris: Today isn't a one-off

Great Britain seems to have a new Formula 1 star! Lando Norris produced a fantastic performance to qualify in eighth place ahead of his F1 debut tomorrow.

Norris, who finished second in F2 last season and is the youngest ever British F1 driver, was visibly delighted with his performance during an interview with Sky Sports F1 after the session.

Norris said: "I enjoyed it to a point. I was so nervous that it almost ruined the enjoyment. Enjoyment comes once I know I can complete a fast lap - that's what makes me happy, to see it all work and see a good qualifying session.

"We had three runs and used three sets of softs our aim was just to try and get it to Q2 but we pushed and got it to Q3.

"It's massive to see that it is possible to do it and in some ways we've moved forward form last year - not that much but I feel I've maximized it as much as possible and we still need to do a lot of work to maintain these Q3's, today isn't a one off."

His McLaren team mate, the experienced Carlos Sainz, finished 17th in Q1 after getting stuck behind Robert Kubica's Williams, which had a puncture.

So, can Norris get some points on his F1 debut tomorrow and become a British hero immediately?

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