Grosjean has no issues with Steiner barbs in F1 Netflix show

14-03-2019 18:20
by Jake Williams-Smith
Grosjean has no issues with Steiner barbs in F1 Netflix show

Romain Grosjean says he has no issues with his boss Gunther Steiner after the Haas team principal made several critical comments of the French driver throughout F1's new Netflix show, 'Drive to Survive'.

Throughout the series, Steiner was dumbfounded and sometimes seething with his driver after Grosjean made several high profile errors early in the 2018 season.

Despite Steiner's harsh words and jokes told in front of the entire Haas team at the expense of Grosjean, he says there are no issues with the relationship between the two, adding that his team boss had just been honest with how he felt at the time.

"I know Gunther, and he's calling a cat a cat, so that's fine by me," Grosjean told media in Melbourne.

"We've had discussions and we've never lied to each other. He always tells the truth and that's something I appreciate. Honestly, if you are telling me to judge my first half of the season myself, I wouldn't have been tender myself. So fine by me.

"I think I changed the direction of the boat in the second part, and hopefully he did say some nice things in the second part. I didn't hear, but hopefully. If not, I'll just fucking get him!"

The French driver will have a lot of pressure heading into 2019 to maintain the stronger vein of form he showed at the back end of last season, with Haas projected to be fighting with Renault once again over fourth place in the constructor's championship.

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