Brawn: Gimmicks like reversed grids will "turn fans off"

13-03-2019 14:07
by Matt Gretton
Brawn: Gimmicks like reversed grids will turn fans off

Ross Brawn insists that fans would turn away if they introduced "gimmicks" such as reversed grids as part of the rule changes set to hit the sport in 2021.

On Monday, Formula 1 confirmed they will introduce a point for the fastest lap, providing that driver has finished inside the top 10. This, along with the aerodynamic changes, are early examples of the changes coming in. It's hoped these changes will provide better racing.

The point for the fastest lap has met some criticism. But Brawn remains confident his team are going to get things right and that he knows certain aspects must stay the same.

"They may object to change if they see it being done for the wrong reasons. And maybe people are a bit uncomfortable when things change," Brawn told Autosport.

"I personally think there are some references that we have to keep - the length of the race, and the nature of the race."

A reverse grid is a feature which happens in F2, and some pundits and fans are asking to see this in Formula 1. But Brawn labels this as a "gimmick".

"I don't think reverse grids would be at the right level for F1. It works in other formulae, we know that from our own experience," he adds.

"But there are different requirements in F2 than F1. We're definitely not into gimmicks, we're into nurturing and developing the racing, and understanding what the fans enjoy, and seeing how we can give them more of what they enjoy with integrity.

"We don't want it to be gimmicky. Because I think that will turn fans off."

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