Hamilton's lifestyle was a concern for Brawn

12-03-2019 14:11
by Joseph Tyrrell
Hamilton's lifestyle was a concern for Brawn

Lewis Hamilton won his fourth world title with Mercedes in 2018 and his fifth overall but Ross Brawn has revealed he had doubts over the signing of the Brit and pinpointed his lifestyle as a reason for his concern before he left in 2013.

Ross Brawn left the German team stating there were too many chiefs just a year before Hamilton and Mercedes claimed a driver’s and constructor’s title double. Mercedes have since established themselves as the front runners in Formula 1 winning five consecutive titles four of which with Hamilton behind the wheel.

Speaking to i News Brawn revealed his initial concerns surrounding the signing of Hamilton: "I must admit, when I first got involved with Lewis, his lifestyle was bit of a concern, just because it was out of the norm.

"A modern Formula 1 driver keeps a very low profile outside the sport.

"Of course, seeing Lewis, his social life, his interests, his passions outside the sport, meant he had a pretty high profile; he was zooming around all over the place to attend events and activities which were fun for him.

"I must admit, I was intrigued... but the results on-track speak for themselves,” added Brawn.

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