Crucial change to the awarding of fastest lap point!

11-03-2019 09:11
by Adam Newton
Crucial change to the awarding of fastest lap point!

The proposal of a point being won for the fastest lap in a race has divided the F1 world and brought up a lot of questions.

The one main concern would be that anybody outside the top ten would pit for the softest compound they could in an attempt to go purple.

However, German newspaper Bild is reporting that only the top ten will be allowed to score the bonus point for fastest lap, meaning if someone who finished outside the top ten set that fastest lap, they would not get the point.

Bild reported: "Only drivers within the first 10 places would receive the point.”

German broadcaster RTL explained the reasoning behind this: "This would prevent drivers at the back from getting fresh tyres and going for the extra point, which is equivalent to tenth place.

"If the plan fails, Liberty Media wants to try again for 2020, as that would not require unanimous approval.”

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