Daniel Ricciardo says "sh*tshow" in Baku was Red Bull's mistake

10-03-2019 08:25
by Matt Gretton
Daniel Ricciardo says sh*tshow in Baku was Red Bull's mistake

Daniel Ricciardo has blamed Red Bull for the teammate crash in Baku with Max Verstappen. He described the incident, which inspired him to leave the team, as a shitshow.

Both Ricciardo and Max Verstappen were unable to continue after the friendly fire crash.

Almost a year on, the event is still a talking point. As his home Grand Prix comes closer, he spoke to Australian newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald.

“That played a part in my decision. I never really felt the same after that. As soon as I crashed into him, part of me felt, ‘you guys deserved this, that was a shitshow’," Ricciardo said.

“If the roles were reversed if I’d been in front and moved twice in the braking area and he’d run up the back of me, would things have been handled the same way? It was a question I kept coming back to.

“The team treated us as both equally at fault in that situation, where I think deep down they knew that it was their mistake and Max’s mistake. A lot of things didn’t sit well.”

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