The Verstappens wouldn't do it all over again if they had to

06-03-2019 08:35
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
The Verstappens wouldn't do it all over again if they had to

When speaking about the way Red Bull Racing's Max Verstappen came up as a racing driver ever since he was a little boy, both father Jos Verstappen and Max himself admit they wouldn't be able to do it again if they had to.

On Verstappen's own website, Jos was asked if he misses working on karts and everything that came with it. The answer was surprising.

"You know, they were very good times with Max with everything we did, but I don't think I'd be able to do it again in that way. It cost só much energy."

Jos ended his own racing career even though he probably could've gone on for a while longer to help his son Max get into karting at an extremely young age. From that point, his life revolved around getting young Max to race, and to set him up for a racing career as well.

Jos then revealed that Max himself thinks the same way about it as his father.

"I was talking about it with Max this week. He said: 'Dad, all the things we've done [to get here], I don't think I would do it [again]."

A rather surprising remark from Max, who will know better than anyone that he has to thank his father and his intense upbringing for the successes he has today.

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