Russell says he would be 'lying' if he said Williams aren't the slowest F1 team

28-02-2019 18:40
by Louis Shaw
F1 News
Russell says he would be 'lying' if he said Williams aren't the slowest F1 team

George Russell has admitted that Williams are the slowest Formula 1 team on the grid. The Brit is joining the team after they finished last place in the constructor's championship in 2018. Williams' struggles continued into 2019 with them missing the first few days of winter testing in Barcelona. Improvements have been made but Russell is still realistic with his expectations.    

“I’d be lying if I said we were not the slowest at the moment,” Russell said to  

“That is a reality. It is clear we have some work to do, but was very positive is that we made a big step from when I jumped into the car on Tuesday, made a step since Robert was in the car yesterday."

“Hopefully when he jumps in again tomorrow, we will find another step. We understand the issues, we recognise that, and we are doing everything we can to rectify it.

“I’m definitely very happy with the number of laps we’ve done but we have not been able to do lap times, we still have a bit to find with the … we were up there but we’ve got work to do. We were a big step behind everybody else.”

It will be a vital season for Williams as they will need to be more successful than last year if they are to continue as they are in the sport. 

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