Kubica still focussed on Australia despite testing issues

23-02-2019 08:32
by Adam Newton
Kubica still focussed on Australia despite testing issues

You have to feel sorry for Robert Kubica. He’s waited eight years for a return to Formula One and in the first pre-season test he only managed 48 laps and finished the final day of testing more than four seconds off the pace of timesheet topper Nico Hulkenberg.

Williams have had a host of problems in getting their car ready and missed the first two and a half days of testing as their car was not ready. Hopefully they will be a bit more competitive at the second test, starting on Tuesday, but they are likely to still be way behind the rest of the field when the season starts.

Because he had so few meaningful laps, Kubica is not taking any conclusions from the first test: “It was my first time out in the car, so it does not feel like day four of testing, but day one.

“This morning we spent the time gathering data, signing off tests for the engineering department and trying to put mileage on the car.”

However, even with all the issues, the one-time Grand Prix winner is not taking his focus off the Australian Grand Prix, which is in under three weeks’ time.

“Everybody has their own job in the team and I must concentrate on mine to ensure that we are in the best possible shape for the first race.” he added.

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