Ricciardo on Red Bull exit: Baku crash 'did play a role'

12-02-2019 14:06 | Updated: 12-02-2019 14:20
by Louis Shaw
Ricciardo on Red Bull exit: Baku crash 'did play a role'

Daniel Ricciardo's move to Renault was known for almost half of the 2018 season. In a press conference earlier today Ricciardo revealed that part of the reason he left the team was due to the Baku crash when he and his team-mate Max Verstappen made contact. 

When speaking about the reasons he left Red Bull Ricciardo said to Motorsport.com that the crash in Baku "did play a role"

"It was all in all a lot of small pieces, but the crash in Baku has been one of them."

"We were both strongly told, but I did not feel wrong, even though Max drove me back, everyone has seen that there was a double steering movement."

"Of course you can not openly talk about each other"

"Maybe it's stubborn, but I did not see it as an incident where both drivers had the same amount of debt."

Ricciardo may have felt that Max was being treated better and that the Dutchman was the number one driver at the team. He therefore decided to join the developing team, Renault and will hope to establish himself as number one against a very quick Nico Hulkenberg. 

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