Renault confident ahead of 2019 F1 season: "The best winter we've ever had"

12-02-2019 12:29 | Updated: 12-02-2019 13:05
by Adam Newton
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Renault confident ahead of 2019 F1 season: The best winter we've ever had

Renault have revealed their new car for 2019, and they say that it could be one of their most competitive yet.

Since returning to the sport, the French team have progressed further and further up the grid, finishing ninth, sixth and fourth in the Constructors' Championship. 

They’ve even managed to attract the star that is Daniel Ricciardo to the team, so things seem to be going in only the right direction for them.

Ricciardo joins up with Nico Hulkenberg to make one of the strongest driver partnerships on the grid, and engine boss Remi Taffin believes that they are in a strong position for a breakout year.

He said: "These regulations are extremely complex. We know them and understand them and had time to put in place a structure," he said.

"We have the structure and we have the people now. Eventually we can see the result of it.

"We have worked hard on the ERS and worked a lot on the ICE [internal combustion engine].

"In 2018 we have been introducing some new concepts that proved to be successful and we have taken some of them further down the road and into 2019.

"The result is the best winter we have ever had."

So, are Renault the team to watch this year? Comment below…

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