Wolff shows signs of concern ahead of 2019 season

12-02-2019 08:03
by Matt Gretton
Wolff shows signs of concern ahead of 2019 season

Mercedes has dominated Formula 1 since 2014, winning every single constructors' championship and drivers' championship during the current era.

But that kind of history has to end at some point. And Toto Wolff, boss of the Silver Arrows, is concerned the new rule changes may well throw them off the tracks.

The upcoming season features changes to the front wing and rear wing. Mainly focused on aerodynamics, Wolff has been worrying all season and the implications of a team finding a loophole. Wolff asks his team to remain motivated in order to steer around the obstacles.

"The air is becoming thinner. When a team dominates, the rules are always changed to damage this team. It can be called almost embarrassing," Wolff told Motorsport-Total.com.

"With the aerodynamic rule change for 2019, they try to change the ranking in Formula 1. We have seen this in the past with Ferrari and of course with Red Bull. We must remain motivated and set the right goals."

Last season, rivals Ferrari got closer than they ever have done. Before the summer break, Sebastian Vettel looked to be favourite for the crown. Wolff is prepared for an even stronger Ferrari car this season.

"Our task becomes more difficult every year. We set a benchmark, but this motivates our opponents. We have to acknowledge how strong the competition is and recognize that we could lose the world championship this year," Wolff added.

Mercedes will reveal their car at Silverstone on Wednesday. The same day as Racing Point and rivals Red Bull. 


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