Franz Tost reveals that Toro Rosso will be using Red Bull parts

11-02-2019 14:03
by Louis Shaw
Franz Tost reveals that Toro Rosso will be using Red Bull parts

Toro Rosso have revealed their new STR14 and it contains a lot of Red Bull's 2018 parts. 

Red Bull's switch to Honda has meant that the data transferred between Toro Rosso and themselves will be more relevant.  

“Components relative to the power unit will be the same specification as Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, to be used within the regulations,” explained team principal Franz Tost to “Most of the remaining parts we receive from Red Bull Technology will be last year’s specifications.

“Scuderia Toro Rosso, being a smaller team, could not follow the fast development and production process a bigger team can afford, especially considering that the release of the technical drawing could, for whatever reason, be delayed or delivered last minute.”

In previous years Toro Rosso would source everything from Red Bull but rule changes meant that Toro Rosso had to start building its own cars. 

"Scuderia Toro Rosso was forced to create the necessary infrastructures to become a manufacturer team, capable of designing all parts in house. We had to hire many more people and, from around 100 employees at the time, we can now count approximately 400 people, split between the factories in Faenza and Bicester," Tost said. 

"The synergies project will allow us to aim for a step in performance without increasing the number of people; we will buy some parts and have more minds and hands to design and produce all the others.”

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