Rich Energy reveal why they chose Haas

10-02-2019 10:06 | Updated: 10-02-2019 10:30
by Louis Shaw
Rich Energy reveal why they chose Haas

Earlier this week Haas revealed their livery for the 2019 season and also revealed Rich Energy as the main sponsor. 

After only three years in the sport, Haas has established themselves as one of the quickest midfield teams on the grid. This level of success in such a relatively short period of time could mean that the team could progress even further and start pushing for podium positions. This is the reason Rich Energy decided to choose this team instead of one of their rivals. 

When speaking to Rich Energy CEO William Storey said: "By every metric, they were vastly superior." 

“They have the best business model in the sport, they are uniquely positioned to exploit regulation changes and I think they are run in a very, very unpretentious fashion. 

“I think they are proper racers - Gene Haas is a wonderful businessman who’s approaching motor racing in the right way, Gunther Steiner is a brilliant team principal and they’ve got two drivers with personality. Overall we are delighted.” 

Haas will hope that the sponsorship deal will propel them higher up the grid in 2019. 

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F1Fans +88 10-02-2019 11:33
Haas are a strong team. Will be quick again this year and will slowly keep progressing
Earschplitten Loudenboomer +6 10-02-2019 11:54
Black? Really? It was great when it was on the Lotus back in the day but there are too many drab, dark coloured cars now. With the improvements in paint technology you would think brightening up cars to catch the eye would be the way to go. Black is the new drab grey. Boring.
Bob Wheeler +99 10-02-2019 14:37
I have never seen the color of a car slow it down. If the sponsor's colors are black and gold, why would you paint it some other color? If pink cars are ok, then why not black cars?
Alex Peter +0 11-02-2019 10:09
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