Grosjean eyes up possible 4th position

10-02-2019 08:34
by Louis Shaw
Grosjean eyes up possible 4th position

Romain Grosjean slams Formula 1 for not having enough competition. 

The Haas driver believes that the rules and regulations that are in place until 2021 mean that the same people and teams will be winning races. 

"Formula 1 needs to get better at having more chances to win races,the Frenchman said to 

"Ideally, you would like as many teams as possible to be fighting for a win," he continued. "What’s the point of coming just to be always behind the same [drivers and teams]?

"But at the minute I think it’s going to be the same thing,"

"If you look at the midfield race last year was quite exciting, a lot of changing of orders," Grosjean acknowledged. "And then there’s another race at the front.

“We set the bar quite high up last year with fifth. Obviously, we want to keep an eye on fourth if it’s possible."

As Grosjean mentions, there is a clear split between the midfield and the top end of Formula 1. Hopefully, the new regulations will improve the competitiveness of Formula 1. 

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