Ericsson on the issues he is having with IndyCar

10-02-2019 08:12
by Louis Shaw
Ericsson on the issues he is having with IndyCar

Former Formula 1 driver opens up about his one struggle with IndyCar. 

Ericsson has said that the consistency of IndyCar is a big issue and believes that this makes the cars as hard to drive as a Formula 1 car. 

“For me, the biggest issue is consistency. The IndyCar is tricky to drive, difficult compared with a Formula 1 car which is so planted to the ground. This car moves around a lot," Ericsson told  

“So my biggest challenge now is to understand that and deal with that. At the moment I’m hooking up different corners well from lap to lap, but I struggle to get my best from all the corners in the same lap.

“I might get two or three corners just right and then do worse on the next two or three. Then the next lap, I’ll improve the ones I struggled with, but lose time on the ones where I was good.

“So I’m working with the team to improve that consistency to help me get up to speed better.”

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