Horner believes budget cap gives advantage to works teams

07-02-2019 17:09
by Louis Shaw
Horner believes budget cap gives advantage to works teams

Christian Horner believes that the introduction of budget caps in Formula 1 could be an advantage for works teams. 

“What is incredibly important for Red Bull is that we are afforded the same opportunities as our competitors like Ferrari and Mercedes,” said Horner, speaking about the state of negotiations ahead of F1’s 2021 revamp to Motorsport.com.

“We believe we have earned that in the time that we have been in F1, and it is vitally important that any financial restrictions that are bought into the sport are on a fair and equitable basis, and are not in any way discriminatory against any one team.

“Financial regulations and governance is an extremely hard thing for the FIA to police fairly, and we are waiting with interest to see how they propose to do that.”

“I don’t think there is any team in F1 that would not like to see its cost base go down,” he added. “You are not going to be able to reduce everyone’s costs to that of Sauber, so there is going to have to be a midway point.

“There is going to have to be a compromise at some point – that ultimately the big teams aren’t happy with and the small teams aren’t happy with. And that is a true compromise." 

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