Verstappen: No risk with Hamilton's skydiving antics

06-02-2019 18:18 | Updated: 06-02-2019 18:19
by Bobby Vincent
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Verstappen: No risk with Hamilton's skydiving antics

Max Verstappen has insisted there is "low risk" with Lewis Hamilton's extreme sport lifestyle, because the British superstar has been so successful throughout his Formula 1 career.

Last winter, Hamilton rode on a superbike, competing on fast circuit tours, and this time the world champion has even participated in some skydiving.

But his title rival for 2019; Verstappen does not see these extreme sports happening in his life, for a while anyway.

"I certainly do not need that right now," the 21-year-old Red Bull Racing driver told De Telegraaf. "Lewis has been natural for 34 years and I do not know what my life will look like in 13 years."

Also Verstappen touched on his boss Dr Helmut Marko, who wouldn't let the Dutch driver do it that easily.

For now, at least, Verstappen's focus is solely on the upcoming F1 season - with a new move to Honda power units potentially giving Red Bull a better shot at the constructors' championship and who knows, maybe a shot at Hamilton's title for Max?

"The risks are too great for that," Verstappen insisted. "The risks are too great for that. I do not want to get injured when I might win the championship. So for me, it is not there, but Lewis has already won so much, so why would he not be able to do it?"

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