Lowe: Any loopholes in 2019 are unlikely

02-02-2019 08:42
by Bobby Vincent
Lowe: Any loopholes in 2019 are unlikely

Williams chief technical officer Paddy Lowe has insisted that "any loopholes" in the 2019 Formula 1 regulations are unlikely.

The sport is going through some changes for the 2019 season with the target to increase the number of overtakes and make the sport more overtaking for fans, and to attract a wider audience.

This means the front and rear wings will both be changed. Lowe has revealed that teams have been "ready and open" with their plans in order to avoid any sort of loopholes in the regulations.

"The teams have been quite ready and open," Lowe insisted to The Checkered Flag. "At least some of them, to put stuff on the table that's been heavily constrained. The regulations are very restrictive.

"I hope it's the case for everybody else, but we're struggling to find a lot of performance out of these front wings."

With Australia being the first round of the F1 season, it often causes debate about the legitimacy of some cars - but Lowe is hoping to avoid a repeat of that with the new changes coming into play.

"I think generally the teams are of a mindset that they want clarity, and not to have a lot of arguments when we turn up in Australia over poorly defined aspects of the regs," the Williams chief continued.

"With that spirit, everybody has been quite enthusiastic to define things in more and more specific details so everybody knows what they are working with."

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