Leclerc warns Russell about the intensity of Formula 1

25-01-2019 09:04
by Matt Gretton
Leclerc warns Russell about the intensity of Formula 1

If George Russell can achieve half of what Charles Leclerc managed in his opening season in Formula 1, then he'll be doing well. Leclerc warns Russell of the intensity Formula 1 brings, and the tyre management worries.

Russell joins Williams as the current Formula 2 champion and hopes to go down Leclerc's route in 2019. The former Sauber driver, now a Ferrari man, explains the difficulties he felt during the opening few races of his 2018 campaign.

"It is very difficult to deal with your tires in Formula 1 and also handling your petrol is completely new. So you really have to adjust some things," Leclerc tells RaceFans.

''The hardest part, however, was the duration of the races. Normally I did twenty laps and then it was finished, but in Formula 1, you suddenly have more than 40. Then you're still pretty broken."

By the end of the season, Leclerc managed to sneak into Q3 and picked up a few top 10 finishes. The man from Monaco is adamant Russell will achieve similar results.

"George is a great driver who is very fast, but you never know if he stumbles on the same things as I did. I do not really have any tips for him, but he will find his way to the top," Leclerc concluded.


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