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Dutch Grand Prix deal closing in: Assen gets financial backing

Dutch Grand Prix deal closing in: Assen gets financial backing

22-01-2019 17:32
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Nicolás Quarles van Ufford

Even though the Formula 1 was seemingly closing in on Zandvoort to host a future Dutch Grand Prix, it now looks like MotoGP host Assen have entered the fray, as the circuit has received significant financial backing.

The Assen organisation revealed they had completed their finances regarding hosting a Dutch Grand Prix on Tuesday afternoon. With Zandvoort, it is not yet known if the beach-side circuit can currently afford to host a potential F1 race.

Reportedly, Liberty Media are asking for 20 million euro's for either track to host the Grand Prix. Apart from that, Zandvoort would have to make significant investments in both improving the track itself as well as the infrastructure around it. In Assen's case, less so, as it is already suitable to host MotoGP.

If Zandvoort, who remain favourites to host the race, fail to get their finances sorted, Assen will be a good back-up plan. The F1 and Liberty Media would love to have a Dutch Grand Prix added to the calendar, seeing how many fans Max Verstappen has in his home country. 

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